One Billion Rising – UPCOMING!

Mediazone Volunteers consisting of staff, lab assistants and from our pool of casual volunteers were all at the Mall of Cyprus on Valentines Day for a very special cause!

1 Billion Rising  shares the message “Rise for justice” supporting women around the world.

Mediazone is working hard to produce the video that documented a coordinated effort in the form of dance! Stay tuned to watch it all here on our blog!

In the meantime take a look at Mediazone in action!


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Pascal English School visits Mediazone!

On the 26th of February, 2014  at least 40 Pascal English school students visited Mediazone at the University of Nicosia for a three hour workshop/tour!!!

Dr. Costas Constandinides gave students a new perspective on how to watch films. Students were introduced to aspects of film theory.


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COMM -117 VIDEO PRODUCTION – Love this course

The video production course is part of the “Radio and Tv” section from the “Communications” studies and it’s a practical course. In this course you will have to learn clearly 2 things: the PD170 camera and Avid, a computer programme to edit video. I believe that for students who are interested in video, cameras, those that want to be a director, camera person, editor, it is a great choice to add this course to their path. We have the first contact with the equipment and how they are working. I helped myself with this course and generally it is very interesting because we have to do video productions in groups. Usually the lecturer makes groups (4 students) so everyone has a responsibility like camera person, director A, director B and model.

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