Mediazone supports “Student for a day”!

STUDENT FOR A DAY POSTER FINAL“People can tell you how great a place is, but the best way to know whether it’s right for you is to see it–and experience it–for yourself.

There’s no substitute for a face-to-face introduction. That’s why we’d like to invite you to visit our campus. It’s the best way to get to know the University, experience its energy, and learn firsthand about the many reasons the University of Nicosia could be a perfect fit for you. Continue reading

Vote for me!!

As some of you may know I am a table-tennis athlete, and a Mediazone Lab Assistant. I created a Table-Tennis Video for an ITTF contest. As a student the 1st place cash prize will be extremely helpful. In order to promote my video I decided to create a blog entry for Mediazone. Please watch my video! Continue reading

My Fall Semester 2012 – A success story!

The fall semester finally started a few weeks ago. You may wonder why this semester is so different than all the others and why I am writing about it.

Well for me the whole year is going to be different. Usually here at Unic you are allowed to have 5 courses per semester unless you are in your final year, then you can have 6, and according to everyone with that amount of work it is very hard, especially in the Law Department. Apart from that you need  quite a high GPA in order to be entitled to have an extra course. Continue reading

The Student Success Centre is ready to help!

Student success is everyone’s responsibility. As part of a larger social ecosystem we want students to succeed both now and later on in life. We want to be the stepping stones that help them across the fast moving river of critical decisions during their academic life, and even beyond.

There isn’t a better feeling than knowing you have the full support of staff and instructors behind you 100%. It promotes student self confidence and lowers stress levels resulting in a better student experience. Mediazone supports the Student Success Centre and all of its positive efforts! Help spread the “social word”! Continue reading