Don’t miss! Communications Department Newsletter – Issue #1

Dear Readers,

We would like to welcome you to the revamped version of the bilingual e-newsletter of the Department of Communications Comm-Uni-ty News formerly distributed as Ariel-UNic/que. Our aim is to share exciting news specific to the COMM Department and its network of collaborators with the widest possible audience.

Dr. Costas Constandinides
Assistant Professor / Department of Communications Continue reading

Catch Marine Litter on Film – Marlisco Video Contest!!

Our beaches are our greatest resource and our greatest inheritance. Cyprus is an island that is surrounded by Blue Flag Beaches. There are multiple seasonal and daily threats to this resource that most of us are simply unaware of. We take panoramic pictures to capture the beauty of a sunset at the beach, but how many of us have actually zoomed in to have a closer look? Mediazone, University of Nicosia is proud to support the MARLISCO project and inspire everyone to do what they can to stop littering on our beaches.  – J.I

Participate in the MARLISCO video contest and share your vision in Europe! Are you between the ages of 16 and 18? Have you noticed all the litter that appears on the beach? Do you want to do something about it? Participate in the MARLISCO Video Contest ‘Stopping Marine Litter Together’ and you will have the opportunity to win a trip to Bremen, scholarships up to 50% at the University of Nicosia and much more! Continue reading

Famelab 2013! A scientific experience!

I was sitting right here in the office of the Administrative Assistants at Mediazone when the Acting Head said: Did you see the poster? Are you going?

I just looked at him and I shook my head. “You’re going”, he said flatly, smiling. That’s how I got myself in Famelab. The deadline had already been extended so I took some time to think what my subject would be before I sent in my application.

Once I applied, I began thinking of ideas. I could hear the gears in my brain grinding , sparks firing up. I had to decide. I had to put my creativity in a presentable structure limited to three minutes. Three minutes! They last forever on the stage but pass by so quickly in front of you on the countdown timer. 30 seconds left! You gotta wrap it up! Don’t stop now… “seeing what’s essential that’s invisible to the eyes, just as the Little Prince learned from the Fox, in the colours of the rainbow while embracing the sun’s radiance all the way down to the deep ocean’s midnight zone where the sea devil of the female angler fish lures you close enough and the male falls a victim to her… sublime aroma and becomes… a parasitical pair of testis attached to her body.” Continue reading

The Golden Watch or just a mid Spring day in May?

It was  a mid Spring day in May when I saw the orange painted walls of Mediazone for the first time. Orange painted walls with black drawings like a midnight dream… “tv monitors” for hills, “film” rivers, “microphone” trees, “digital” sea, “battery” bees, “speaker” clouds and floating cities – creativity and imagination like the very water and sunlight needed to grow life; “cheers!”

Reach the top of tape and monitor hills  and E. and I go back into dreams of history . Talking about beta cam video formats, travel and mathematics: I am enthusiastic to learn another way to build my reality, I feel like a child. Walking down the hill I listen through the speakers a lab assistants voice; Nader’s voice and music, something like jazz words came up on my mind: “if it sounds good and feels good, then it is good!” At a  certain point I found Andreas shooting video everywhere.  I thought what interesting eyes! Let’s see. He notices all the details, and that is good to discover a little pleasure of  life too. Imagination and moving things move Hystrian’s hands flying around the blue sky in editing. Sometimes he seems he get lost in the digital world. I like the dreamer that way too.

Little Andreas looking all around tells  me Fabrizio where are we? I don’t know but with time and courage we will find the way to come out of this trip. Meanwhile Giota and Lucia finally find me and argue that they are too busy for play, and me, I stare as a child. But their smiling eyes are too big and full of energy so I understood they were joking with me. Continue reading

What is Kinetic Typography?


Have you ever watched a whole music video consisting of letters? Literally only words flying around the screen, but made in a such way that it’s actually very cool?

Well this kind of motion graphics is called “kinetic typography”. I got very inspired by this kind of art lately and that’s why I would like to share some helpful information with you. Continue reading