Film project funding for the 21st Century! From student films to indie – Crowdfunding!

Recently I have engaged in Crowd funding a number of projects on various crowd funding websites. It is a phenomenon that seems to have caught on in the recent worldwide economic climate. It is a bit like engaging in low risk investment for start ups on a tiny scale.  Its basically getting the whole wide world to contribute a little bit of money to get a project off the ground. This has caught on like wildfire! Continue reading

My student experience! A busy semester at University of Nicosia

Fall 2013,  lessons started on the 30th of October.

I was very excited about my new start since it is my 2nd year! The courses that I have selected this semester are Video Production and Multimedia which are practical courses, Newswriting , Film and Public Relations Methods which are theoretical courses. Lets not forget Mediazone Lab Assistant Training!

The first 2 weeks, professors gave us an introduction about the subjects, showed us the themes, the equipment and actually what is going to follow this semester. At the end of October we had our first midterm. The material that the teacher examined us on was based on understanding the first steps of the introduction, which was easy. At the same time, we had to submit 2 essays in one week (2 different lessons). Continue reading

Why You Should Join The Communications Society! It’s Not Too Late, Join Us Tomorrow!

As a Communications student and a Mediazone Lab Assistant, I have come to realize how many opportunities we can create for ourselves here at the University of Nicosia but for some reason no one is attempting to do so which is why it all changes here!

At the beginning of the semester a fellow student/lab assistant and myself came up with one idea, to bring the Communications Society back to life. Our mission is to create a 5 minute show with announcements, news, updates, reminders and in general entertainment related topics, all to do with the University. Continue reading

Don’t miss! Communications Department Newsletter – Issue #1

Dear Readers,

We would like to welcome you to the revamped version of the bilingual e-newsletter of the Department of Communications Comm-Uni-ty News formerly distributed as Ariel-UNic/que. Our aim is to share exciting news specific to the COMM Department and its network of collaborators with the widest possible audience.

Dr. Costas Constandinides
Assistant Professor / Department of Communications Continue reading